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Community FAQs
A collection of questions and answers from clients
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What to do if I accidentally assigned the person to a wrong role in a project? (Video)
Can I set up different charge-out rates for different people in the same role?
Why can't I see assigned resources?
How to change a person's role in a project after adding assignments?
How does time off affect the Weekly Utilization % on the People Planner?
How to handle Overtime Rates? (video)
How can I export assignments with notes?
How to add a profile photo
Can I see the history of changes in People in my account?
How can I update multiple email addresses?
Why aren't my placeholders disappearing?
Do CSV imported time entries show in the calendar schedule for Projects or People?
Why are my 'Actual vs Scheduled' amounts showing different on the project performance graph vs the table?
How does the Runn Planner manage different time zones when I have a global team?
Can I charge different rates for the same role on a project?
Does Runn do custom integrations or can you recommend anyone to do them?
Does the Clockify integration take into account if a task from Clockify is billable or non-billable?
Setting up Project Template as a Tentative Project
How do I create half days off?
Can I get my bill in a different currency other than $USD ?
What are the SSO options?
How to you delete all information but keep your account? Can you reset your account?
How can I find placeholders that have no team associated?
Does Runn have 2FA?
How can I split 1 day of a resource into 2 different phases of the same project?
Is there a card view of Runn?
Email invites aren't being delivered? What's going on?
How do I create a second test account?
My placeholder's cost is incorrect
How do I add actual hours when a contract has ended? I can't add hours for an resource that does not have an active contract.
Does deleting a user mean I lose all the data?
Is there a way for me to track Invoices and payments for invoices from clients?
Why are placeholders not contributing to my project costs?
What is scheduled leave?
How do I assign a person different roles on the same or different projects?
Can Runn process 3rd party security reviews?
How can I generate a report with all resources involved in a specific project?
Is it possible to 'stretch' a project so that all allocations change their per-day allocation but 'lock' the overall allocation/budget?
Can I connect Runn with Power BI?
Can you record time against a tentative project?
How can I manage different currencies in Runn?
Can the system default to custom hourly rate ?
Can I set a maximum utilization rate?
How to you change billable hours to billable days?
Can a person have different rates according to the project?
How are archived team members handled from a monthly billing perspective?
How do you set up repeating assignments?
Is there a whole year view available for KPIs?
Can I extend my trial?
Does the API allow for updating a contract?
Do you do security reviews?
Can you have other types of contracts other than full-time and part-time?
How do you shift assigned people when shifting phases?
How do I find resources that are free for a certain project? How do I search for availability and role?
Is it possible to create reports of employees' time allocation per month (specific dates) per project?
Why is my time tracker reverting to "O" when I pause it?