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How can I manage different currencies in Runn?
How can I manage different currencies in Runn?
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We don't currently support different currencies in Runn, however some of our customers manage different currencies with our existing features. One method is outlined below:

Add a new rate card for a different currency

Create a separate rate card with rates already converted

You can create and manage your rate cards in

Manage > Rates.

For example - you may have a rate card for your UK clients where the hourly rates are converted to USD rates.

If the hourly rate for a coordinator is 100 pounds - the rate card would list the rate as $130 USD (after conversion). Your financials would still be in USD but the rate card would account for a point in time currency difference.

Are you using a different method to manage different currencies using Runn's existing features?

Let us know by sending an email to so that we can share it with the Runn community!

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