Go to Rate Cards in Runn’s top level nav to manage your custom rate cards.

In addition to your standard rate card you can set-up multiple custom rate cards. This allows you to adapt your billing and set custom prices for specific clients or projects, e.g. you might want to offer discounted rates for non-profit organizations or give special prices to loyal long term clients. 

Rate cards are based off the roles you have set-up for your team, so if you don't see a specific role in your rate card, make sure it's been set up. See Managing Roles

Creating a new custom rate card

  1. Click the Add New Rate Card button.
  2. Enter the name of the rate card in the Rate card name field.
  3. Select from a blended/single rate or a per role rate Card type.
  4. Enter the rates.
  5. Click the Create button.

Editing a custom rate card

  1. Choose the rate card you want to edit from the Rate Card drop down.
  2. Click the ... button.
  3. Select the Edit Details button.
  4. Update the charge-out rates for the roles.
  5. Click the Save button.

Viewing details for a custom rate card

Select the rate card you want to view from the rate card drop-down to get information on:

  • The charge out rates for your roles. 
  • Which projects are using this rate card. 

From here, you can also edit your rate card details, or click through to the associated projects and rates. 

Deleting a custom rate card

We don’t recommend you delete your rate cards as other records, both past and future, hang of it. 

Instead, if you no longer require a rate card, we recommend you rename it (so you can easily distinguish it from your active rate cards) and stop assigning it to any new projects. Don’t set your rates to $0 as this will affect your project billings for any project using the rate card, as well as your financial forecasts.

If you still choose to delete, note that deleting a rate card is permanent. There’s no undo, so use this action with care. 

  1. Select the rate card you want to delete on the Rate Card drop down.
  2. Click the ... button.
  3. Select the Delete button.
  4. There’s no undo - click the Delete button on the Warning message to confirm deletion.

If in doubt, please contact our support team, either on chat from inside the app or by emailing help@runn.io

Still have questions? We're happy to help! 


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