Go to Manage > Rates in Runn’s top level nav to manage your standard rate card.

Every Runn account comes with a standard rate card. New projects will use this standard rate card by default. 

Rate cards are based on the roles you have set up for your team, so if you don't see a specific role in your rate card, make sure it's been set up. See Managing Roles

Setting-up your standard rate card

  1. Select the Standard rate card from the Rate Cards page

  2. Choose whether the rate card will use hourly or daily rates

  3. Choose from a blended/single rate or a per role rate Card type

  4. Edit the rates

  5. Click the Save button.

  6. Enter the charge-out rate for each role in the Charge-out rate field.

  7. Click the Save button.

Deleting your standard rate card

Your standard rate card cannot be deleted. If you don't want to use your standard rates on a project, set-up a custom rate card or update your project rates in the project budget.

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