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The standard role charge-out rate
The standard role charge-out rate

Learn about the standard charge-out rate you set up when creating a new role and how it is used in Runn

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When you create a new role in Runn, you are prompted to enter a standard charge out rate:

The standard charge out rate you add here will set your new role’s charge out rate in your standard rate card and any custom rate cards you have set-up in Runn.

This can be set either as an hourly or a daily rate depending on the rate type you have set up for your company. You can change your company's default rate type in Settings > Account Settings.

If your rate cards are set to daily rates, Runn calculates the hourly charge-out rate based on the default full-time hours, which is set in your account settings at Settings > Account Settings.

You can still change this later by editing your rate cards

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