Can I set a maximum utilization rate?

How to set a capacity limit to have spare unallocated time.

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Sometimes you don't want to assign 100% of your people's time to projects. We frequently get questions like:

  • "Can you define a maximum capacity per person?"

  • "We only want to plan someone for 80% of their time. How can I do that?"

While it isn't possible to set a hard limit in Runn, here are some workarounds to make it easier to plan people's time with buffer room.

In these examples, the person works 8 hours per day, and the scheduler wants to set a limit of 80% utilization or 6 hours of availability.

Option 1 - Adjust the maximum hours per day

Set the person's number of hours per day to 6 hours. Go to the contract and select Part time > Hours per day.

This means their utilization and availability will be based on 6 hours of capacity. If you schedule them for more than 6 hours per day they will be shown as overbooked.

Option 2 - Create an internal 'project'

Create a project where the client is your company. You can give it a name such as "Internal work" or "Reserved time".

Assign the person to the internal project for 2 hours per day. This is your buffer time.

Any remaining time is available to work on other projects.

This option gives you flexibility to move the reserved time around You will also be able to measure how much time and money is spent on these reserved hours.

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