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Users' access permissions: Editor (All Projects and People)
Users' access permissions: Editor (All Projects and People)

Learn about Runn's account access permissions

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✍️ Editor (All Projects and People)

Runn provides 4 levels of account access - admin, editor, viewer and timesheet only - with varying degrees of capabilities.

Editors (All Projects and People) can create Projects and People and edit their details.

Typically, Project Managers, Resource Managers, and Team Managers can be assigned as Editors (All Projects and People).

The Access to Financial Data permission determines the financial data they can view.

βœ… What Editors (All Projects and People) Can Do

Access Test Account

They can access and edit people and projects in the Test Account. The Test Account is shared among all users in the Runn Account. If an Editor changes or deletes data in the Test Account, all users can see those changes.

They can create Projects, edit Project details and add assignments to ALL Projects in Runn.

❓ How do I know what changes an Editor has made to a Project?

The Project History shows you all the changes made to a Project in the past 30 days (Pro Plan) or 90 days (Enterprise Plan).

Delete Projects and People without Assignments only

Editors can only delete projects and people without assignments. If they attempt to delete projects/people with assignments, an error message will show:

Export Project Data

An Editor with All Financial Data access can export assignments or timesheets.

They can create people, edit contracts, time offs, person details, timesheets for ALL people in Runn.

πŸ’° Additional charges when Adding a New Person

When an Editor adds a new person, additional charges may apply as Runn charges based on the number of people in the system. The charges will be pro-rated and reflected in the invoice.

Editors can set up Public Holidays in Runn and the holidays to the people in the corresponding regions.

An Editor can view, enter, and update number of hours logged on timesheets for any other person or project in their Runn account.

Editors can Raise a resourcing request, respond to a request and find a person to fulfil a resourcing request for ALL projects.

Manage Account-wide Data

With access to the Manage Tab, they can create/edit/delete the following account-wide data (except users):

  • Clients

  • Roles

  • Rate Cards

  • Tags

  • Teams

  • Skills

  • Project Templates

Editors can only view the list of users, but cannot edit other users' account access.

Editors can view and export reports for all Projects in Runn.

πŸ’° Access to Financial Data

The users' access to Financial Data is determined the Financial Data Access given to them. Once granted the permission, they are able to view the financial data for ALL projects.

β›” What Editors (All Projects and People) Cannot Do

The actions below are admin-only and NOT accessible to Editors. For further details, please check out Users' access permissions: Admin.

🏁 Account Settings

  • Manage Account Settings

  • Manage Account Billing

  • Invite Users and Manage Permission Levels

  • Manage Views

  • Create Multiple Accounts

✍️ Data Management and Import

  • Import Projects and People Data via CSV

  • Delete Projects and People with Assignments

  • Manage Custom Fields

  • Manage Integrations

  • Generate API Token

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