Runn provides 3 levels of account access - admin, editor and viewer - with varying degrees of super powers. 


As an admin, you have full control over your Runn account. Admins can invite other users into the account and remove and edit the details and account access permissions of all Runn users (including other admins). 

The first person to sign-up for a Runn account is automatically an admin. 


As an editor, you have all the powers of an admin, except that you cannot change account access permissions of other Runn users. You can invite others into the account, but not above your own permission level. 

Viewer (--> coming soon!)

As a viewer, access to Runn is restricted to view the Planner only. Viewers cannot make changes to assignments, or any other information displayed on the Planner. A viewer can change their own account details (name, email address and password) but cannot access or edit anyone else's.

Restricting access to financial data

In addition to the above, admins can further restrict who can view and edit financial data in Runn.

This comes in handy if you're uncomfortable sharing your employees' and contractors' internal hourly cost rates/salary information, or financials such as project billings, costs, profits and margins.

As an admin, you can set the financial permission level for a user when you invite them into the account. You can also change the permission level of users already in the account, see how to change a users permission level below.

There's 3 different levels of financial access permissions to choose from: 

  • all 
  • all, except salaries 
  • none 


Users with this permission level have full access to all financial data in Runn.

All, except salaries 

Users with this permission level cannot see financial data relating to your internal costs and your employees' and contractors' salaries. 

More specifically this means that users of this permission level cannot:


Users with this permission level cannot see any financial information in Runn. 

In addition to the above, this means that users of this permission level cannot

  • get insights on billings, people costs, profits and margins anywhere in Runn. Financial data is entirely hidden from client, project and people pages, the charts and project stats on the Project and People Planner, and your project budgets.
  • create and edit roles
  • access rate cards and create and edit charge-out rates.
  • access reporting functionality.

How to change a user's permission level?

Click on your user profile icon and go to Settings > User Settings to manage their permissions.

  1. Click Edit button to bring up a user's details 
  2. Update email address, name, position and permission levels as needed
  3. Click Save button

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