At Runn, time never stands still. We continuously discover and implement new products and features. We iterate and release fast and don't shy away to throw out stuff that's not working.

Here's a glimpse of what we have coming up.

If you have feedback, a suggestion, or want to upvote a feature, please get in touch via our chat or send us an email to [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you.

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  • Public holidays. A more streamlined way of adding and managing public holidays in Runn.

  • Project templates. Use project templates to quickly set up similar projects over and over.

  • Improved transferring and cloning of assignments. A better way of identifying who to transfer and clone assignments to while accounting for capacity and workload.

  • Skills management. A more robust way to manage skills and levels of competence.

  • Phase-based budgeting. Set budgets for individual project phases and track how you're performing against them.

  • Project-level permissions. Lock down your projects to just the project and resource managers.

  • People-level permissions. Allow only a person's manager to delete or change someone's schedule.

  • Partial days off. Taking a half-day, or just a few hours off? Record that time in Runn and see its impact.

  • Freelancer support. Better support for freelancers in Runn.

  • Project dashboard update. Get even more insights about project time and revenue, and more clarity on how Runn calculates your KPIs and totals.

  • Non-labour costs. Keep track of all project costs to get a full picture of your results and performance.

  • Retainers. Support ongoing maintenance projects that repeat.

  • Complete scenario planning. Test out different scenarios by selecting which tentative projects will get included in Runn's capacity and billing forecasts.

  • Sentiment tracking. Get insights on what makes your staff happy and empowered at work.

  • More powerful reporting. Graphing, segmenting, drilling down. There's a lot more power we can add to Runn's existing reporting to make it even easier to get the data you need.

  • Better CSV importing. More robust ways to import your data into Runn.

  • Cost-based budgeting. In addition to revenue (what you're billing the client), add a budget to constrain the project around total cost. Useful for non-billable and fixed-price projects.

  • Profit budgeting. In addition to revenue and cost budgeting, constrain the project around the profit margin.

  • More granular timesheets. Support for multiple entries per project, per day.

  • Custom fields. Create custom fields for people and projects that you can search, filter, and report on.

  • Custom work weeks. Support for work weeks beyond Monday - Friday.

  • Webhooks. Lets you streamline your integrations.

  • Notifications. Notify users and people of key events in Runn.

  • Time as FTEs or days. Measure assignments, KPI's and results in FTEs or days instead of hours.

  • Project rates per person. Set custom rates per person in different projects.

  • Custom time ranges in the planner. Make the planner more flexible by selecting different time ranges for insights and ordering during a particular period.

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