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Here's a glimpse of what we have coming up.

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At Runn, time never stands still. We continuously discover and implement new products and features. We iterate and release fast and don't shy away to throw out stuff that's not working.

Here's a glimpse of what we have coming up.

If you have feedback, a suggestion, or want to upvote a feature, please get in touch via our chat or send us an email at We'd love to hear from you.

To see all the great things we've built recently, head over to Recently Launched!

  • View Improvements. Allow views on reports and manage pages within Runn for improved performance and focus. [Released in April]

  • API v1. A stable API from Runn with additional features, improved permissions, and better documentation. [Released in April]

  • % Capacity allocation: Create assignments based on a percentage of the person capacity. [Released in May]

  • Work streams. Assign work to a specific work stream within a project. Allowing planning of people working on simulations work streams within a project, or across many projects. [Released in May - Enterprise Only]

  • Better CSV importing. More robust ways to import your data into Runn.

  • Integration with PM tools. Bring people an project information from popular PM tools such as Jira, Asana and others

  • Improved Audit Trail and Recent Activity. Improved event tracking in projects and people.

  • Reports 2.0. Improved reporting capabilities within the Runn app.

  • Project Editor Restricted permission. A new permission set more restricted that doesn't allow budget changes or direct people allocation

  • Notifications. Get notified when people are requested in a project and other events

  • Partial days off. Taking a half-day, or just a few hours off? Record that time in Runn and see its impact.

  • Baselining. Timeline and/or budget baseline to track project performance overtime

  • Custom work weeks. Support for work weeks beyond Monday - Friday.

  • Organisations. Link multiple accounts via organisations, allowing reporting across accounts.

  • Basic scenario planning. Test out different scenarios by selecting which tentative projects will get included in Runn's capacity and billing forecasts.

  • Propose people on resource requests. Enable you to propose someone on your resource requests

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