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How pricing is calculated in Runn

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Runn charges for each managed person (sometimes referred to as a 'resource').

You can view your managed resources in Runn via the 'People List' page.

All Runn plans include unlimited Users.

Run Tiers

Runn offers three plans:

  • Free: Free for 5 or fewer managed people.

  • Pro: $10 USD per month, per person managed.

  • Enterprise: Offers extra services such as a dedicated account manager, assistance with onboarding and dedicated support. Please contact us for more information.

What if I delete my account?

If you deactivate your account through the billing page, you will continue to have access to the service until your billing period is over.
You may then delete your account, or it will automatically be deleted after 90 days.
If you choose to delete your account instead of deactivate, you will not be able to access your account anymore, and any payment already made will be forfeited and any money owed will be forgiven.

Do I need to pay tax?

Tax is only applicable for New Zealand and Australia based businesses.

If your business is based in the EU, USA or any region other than New Zealand & Australia, no tax will be added.


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