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How pricing is calculated in Runn

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What you pay for

Runn charges for each person (sometimes referred to as a 'resource') managed via Runn, that is, anyone who is active on the 'People List' page.

You may have unlimited users of your Runn account, including people who are not being managed within Runn such as an accountant or HR staff.

There are no charges for the numbers of projects or any additional features.

You can confirm how many people Runn is charging for by viewing the billing page, or looking at the People List page.

No credit card is required for the trial and it is never required if you manage 5 or fewer people.

Run Tiers

Runn offers three versions:

  • Free: Free for 5 or fewer people. It includes all of Runn's the features. You will automatically move to Pro as soon as a 6th person is added.

  • Pro: Costs $10 USD per month, per person managed in Runn.

  • Enterprise: For customers with 100+ people. Offers extra services such as a dedicated account manager, assistance onboarding, dedicated support, one-time integrations and the ability to request special use-cases such as having your version on Runn hosted separately or onsite.

How we calculate your payment total

After the first 5 people, Runn starts charging you. The 6th person added will cost $60 per month. From then on, every additional person costs $10 per month.

This is calculated on daily basis, therefore if you add someone half-way through your billing period you will only be charged 50% of the normal cost ($5). This is the same if you archive or delete someone half-way through the month.

Add the end of each billing period, you will be billed for the total amount of people being managed on that date. Prorated charges or credit for the previous month are also applied.

If you archive a person, their data is kept in our system but you will no longer be charged for them.

Should I choose the Free or Pro plan?

You will automatically change between the plans when you add or remove people.

If you manage fewer than 6 people, you will automatically be on the Free plan. When you add a 6th person and you will be moved to the Pro Plan.

As a credit card is not required when you create your account, if you add a 6th person and then decide you wish to cancel your account you will not be charged. However, after your first billing period your account will be locked until a credit card is added and a payment is made if you continue to use Runn to manage more than 5 people.

If you only had a 6th person for a short period of time. Please use our chat and we can waive any fees.

What if I delete my account?

If you deactivate your account through the billing page, you will continue to have access to the service until your billing period is over.

You may then delete your account, or it will automatically be deleted after 90 days.

If you choose to delete your account instead of deactivate, you will not be able to access your account anymore, and any payment already made will be forfeited and any money owed will be forgiven.

Is tax included? Do I need to pay tax?

Tax is only applicable for New Zealand based businesses.

If your business is based in the EU, USA or any region other than New Zealand, no tax will be added.

If you enter your billing address as New Zealand, you will automatically be charged an extra 15% GST. You will be able to view this charge on invoices and on the next billing estimate.

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