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Learn more about Runn's native integrations with Harvest and Clockify.

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Runn provides native integrations with Harvest time tracking and Clockify.

❗ Please note that we no longer support the WorkflowMax native integration for new users from March 8, 2023. Existing users with the integration enabled are not affected.

Runn's native integrations let you import projects, clients, people, and rates.

They also allow you to sync your team's timesheet entries into Runn. Bringing your team's timesheet data into Runn will open up access to detailed actuals vs. planned variance analysis and more accurate capacity and profitability projections.

Runn's native integrations are one-way sync and we automatically import any new data once a day. You can also manually run the sync, which will bring new data into Runn immediately.

Runn also offers a powerful API that allows you to build out your own integrations and send data to and from your favorite tools.

Enabling your integration

You can access and enable our integrations from Settings > Account Settings > Integrations. (->

For detailed set-up information, head over to one of the following help sections:

Already managing your projects, people, and profits in Runn?

We recommend you enable and test out the integration in your free test account first. To switch to your sandbox environment, go to Settings > Switch to test account

In your test account, you have access to all functionality and can easily:

  • copy your live data from your live to your test account,

  • load our Runn demo data, or

  • delete all test data and start from scratch.

If you run into any issues, make sure you read the troubleshooting FAQs for your respective integration:

Turning on the integration for your existing People in Runn

Runn will match the person by email address however you should also manually add the Person ID into Runn.

Don't have a Runn account?

If you don't have a Runn account yet, head over to our website and sign-up for a trial account now. The two-week trial gives you full access to everything Runn has to offer, including Runn's integrations and API.

Looking to connect Runn to another service you don’t see here?

If you don’t see the specific system that you’d like to integrate Runn with, create your own integrations using the Runn API, or send our team a request.

Anything else we can help you with?

Contact our team through the in-app chat or send us an email to with your questions and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

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