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Clockify Integration

How to set up your Clockify integration

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Quick start (new users only):

  • Copy the API key

  • Visit and select the Clockify tick box:

  • Enter the API key into API token field

  • We suggest turning on just the Clients & Projects, and People first

  • Turn on Sync Actuals once you're happy with the imported data

  • Press "Save & Run" and your data will then be imported within a few minutes

  • Review the newly imported data and correct any issues such as people with unknown roles

How the Clockify integration works

Our integration allows you to import your clients, projects, and people from Clockify.

Once a day, we automatically import any new clients, projects, and people you have added to Clockify.

You may also initiate the import manually if you have created something new in Clockify and need the data in Runn immediately. You can find the button to do this at the top of the respective Client, Projects, and People pages.

Our Clockify Integration is a one-way, daily sync. This means:

  • If a client, project, or person exists in Clockify but not in Runn, it will automatically bring them across.

  • All Clockify time entries will automatically be synchronized daily.

  • If you update or delete a client, project, or person in either Clockify or Runn, we will not update the details between the two. They remain separate after being imported.

  • Any client, project, or person created in Runn will not appear in Clockify. They must be created in Clockify separately.

  • We match purely only on the ID created in Clockify. If you create the same client, project, or person in both Runn and Clockify, they will be duplicated.

  • If you have an existing client, project, or person in Runn, and want to ensure a duplicate isn't made from Clockify. You must manually enter the Clockify ID (external reference) within Runn. You can do that when editing a client, project, or person:


  • I created a client, project, or person in Clockify and it doesn't appear in Runn.

Try going to the Clients, Projects or People list page in Runn and click the "Import from Clockify" button. Wait 5 minutes and check if the item you created appears. Projects will not be imported if they are missing a client. Ensure all projects within Clockify have a client as well.

  • A person has the role "Unknown", what does that mean?

In Runn each person is assigned a role. Clockify does not have the same concept, so when you initially import your people, they will come through to Runn with an Unknown role. You'll need to assign each person a role before you can turn on your timesheet sync.

Follow the fix all Unknown roles link on the integration page or head over to your people list to bulk assign roles:

  • There is a duplicate client, project or person

You must decide which item to keep. You should base this on which item has data attached to it. For example, if a project or person has assignments and another one doesn't. You should delete the item without the assignments.

You can then manually add a reference for Clockify to this item (see above), and it will no longer be duplicated. In the future, always ensure that, if an item is added to Runn first and then added to Clockify, you update the external ID for the item in Runn.

  • I created a client, project, or person in Runn, and now want to create it in Clockify. How can I avoid duplicates?

You can avoid duplications by ensuring that any item that is created in Runn first, and then in Clockify, has the Clockify ID attached.

  • Where can I find the ID in Clockify?

You can find the Clockify ID in the URL:

  • Where do I enter the Clockify ID into Runn?

Select your project, and choose Edit Details:

  • I want to select which people from Clockify are imported - is this possible?

You cannot select which people from Clockify are imported into Runn. However, you may archive a person after the initial import and Runn will not import timesheet data for an archived person - (please do not delete the person, as this will recreate them).

  • How can I delete all imported data?

You will need to manually remove any of the clients, projects pr people you have imported, and no longer need.

  • If I have a large amount of existing data within Runn, how can I make sure no duplicates appear?

You can manually enter the Clockify ID, found in the Clockify URL(see above) into Runn.

  • How can I ignore a specific project (such as leave)?

After importing a project, you can add the tag sync_off to the project.
If you have data for this project, you can duplicate the project, ensure the Clockify ID is in the references, and then delete the original. Now, add sync_off and it should not sync on the next update.

  • I see 0 has been entered for our staff - even though their timesheets haven't been completed in Clockify

To ensure that Runn shows the same totals as Clockify, when you enable an integration we turn on an account setting called "Autofill Actuals". At the end of each week, we will automatically set any dates we are missing with 0 hours completed. This will remain until the user enters their real hours into Clockify - in which case 0 will be overwritten within 24 hours. Learn more about missing actuals or how to disable this feature here.

  • Additional actuals are appearing in Runn compared to Clockify

There are some edge cases that our integration does not handle. However this should be rare, and easily picked up by a project manager who is keeping an eye on the project performance.

The two main ones you may encounter are:

  1. Someone adds time to the wrong project, then deletes the time and adds it to a different project:

    1. Unfortunately, Runn is unable to delete time off as the API we use does not inform us of deletions. Instead, this will need to be manually corrected in Runn.

  2. Someone has time repeated against two roles in a project:

    1. Runn will try and find the best role to put the time against however, if someone changes their role half-way through a project (ie. intermediate to senior) or someone went back and changed their role on a project after the data was already imported - next time Runn imports the data, the sync will assume that there is no data against the new role and import it again. To fix this you can delete the time entries against the old role.

    2. You can avoid this situation by pro-actively updating a person's role on the project before the role change occurs. For example, if the person is changing to a senior role in two weeks, you can update the plan to have them as a senior starting from two weeks; this way, Runn will match up the role correctly based on the role they were assigned on the day of the actual.

  • How does Runn handle Clockify's Time Rounding setting?

We will record the exact time that Clockify records, as rounding is only for reporting purposes and does not change the actual times recorded.

  • Can I use Runn with Clockify Server?

Yes. If you are self-hosting Clockify, please contact us with the URL to your Clockify API.

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