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Runn provides a forecast of key financial metrics for each of your clients, including: 

  • Client Billings ($)

  • Client People Costs ($)

  • Gross Client Profits ($)

  • Margin (%)

The forecast is for the next 4 weeks and includes this week. It is a summary of all confirmed and active projects for a client.  

Note that the data we show here is based on your inputs. We assume that you will bill all hours you have assigned on projects for this client. E.g. if you schedule a person for 10 h per day but that person's capacity is  8 h per day, we assume you will bill the 10 h and we use that to calculate your billing forecast.

See Projects Insights for an example of how these metrics are calculated.

Client Billings

Client Billings give you an indication of the financial value the client will be bringing in over the next 4 weeks.

It's the sum of the assigned hours for each team member and placeholder on each confirmed and active project for this client, multiplied by the respective charge out rates for their roles. 

Client People Costs

Client People Costs give you an indication of the sum of all labor expenses (excluding placeholders) you are expected to occur over the next 4 weeks for this client. 

Gross Client Profits

Gross Client Profits gives you an indication of the money you will earn from the client over the next 4 weeks after subtracting any people costs from your billings. 


Margin shows the percentage of billings that exceed your people costs.

See Projects Insights for an example of how these metrics are calculated. 

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