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Runn provides 4 levels of account access - admin, editor, viewer and timesheet only - with varying degrees of capabilities.

โฒ๏ธ Timesheet Only

Timesheet Only users have the lowest level of permissions in a company account.

This permission allows users to fill in their timesheets and edit their own account details. They cannot view or edit anything else in the company account.

โœ… Timesheet Only users can:

  • View and edit their own timesheet. They can add the number of actual hours they have spent on an assigned project on their timesheet.

  • Add actual hours to a project that they have not been assigned to. This is useful if they have to jump on an ad-hoc project).

  • See a list of all projects in your company's Runn account if they click on Add Projects.

  • Edit their own first name, last name, and photo. They can also delete their own account.

โŒ Timesheet Only users cannot:

  • View the Project and People planners, dashboards and reports

  • View or edit projects, people, and other company-wide details (e.g. teams, tags, skills)

  • See who else is working on a project

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