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Users' access permissions: Timesheet only
Users' access permissions: Timesheet only
Learn about Runn's account access permissions
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Runn provides 4 levels of account access - admin, editor, viewer and timesheet only - with varying degrees of powers.

This article will review the timesheet only level.

⏲️ Timesheet Only

✅ They can edit:

  • Their own timesheet only - edit/add the number of actual hours they have spent on an assigned project on their timesheet

  • add actual hours to a project that they have not been assigned to (this is useful if they have to jump on an ad-hoc project)

✅ They can view:

  • Their own timesheets: the Project Names that they have been scheduled on and the hours scheduled for them

  • A list of all projects of the Organization if they click on Add Projects Button

❌ They cannot view:

  • The Project Planner, People Planner, the Manage Tab and Reports

  • Details about who else is working on the project that they have been assigned

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