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Learn about Runn's account access permissions
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Runn provides 4 levels of account access - admin, editor, viewer and timesheet only - with varying degrees of powers.

This article will review the admin level.

πŸ”‘ Admin

As an admin, you have full control over your Runn account. Admins can invite other users into the account and remove and edit the details and account access permissions of all Runn users (including other admins).

Only admins can delete people and projects that have a history.

Admins can also generate an API token. (Note: This token is not tied to a user, so anyone who has access to it can act with administrative rights in your account.)

The first person to sign-up for a Runn account is automatically an admin.

Admin can also export assignments and timesheets to a CSV file. However, please note that this is only available for admins with All Financial Data access.

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