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πŸ”‘ Admin

Runn provides 4 levels of account access - admin, editor, viewer and timesheet only - with varying degrees of capabilities.

Admins have the highest level of access to an organization's Runn account.

Admins can perform all actions that are available to Editors. They can also invite other users into the account, remove and edit the permissions of all Runn users (including other admins), and have full access to projects, people, and account-wide settings.

This article highlights all actions that ONLY admin can perform.
Editors, Viewers and Timesheet-only users will NOT have access to the below actions.

🏁 Account Settings

Admin users can set up account-wide default settings on the Account Settings page. Editors can view this page, but not edit it.

Only Admin users have access to the Billing page. Admin can add Payment Method or Cancel the Subscription here.

Admins can invite users and define each user's permission levels and access to financial data.

Admin can set up pre-filter views of the Planners to be shared across all users in the account.

If you manage multiple isolated departments, divisions, or business units across your organization, an admin can create different Runn accounts for each group.

✍️ Data Management and Import

Only Admin users have access to the Import page where they can bulk import data in Runn.

Delete Projects and People with Assignments

Only Admin has the right to delete projects and people with assignments on the Planner. Once deleted, the allocations will be erased and the action cannot be undone.

Editors can only delete projects and people without any assignments (which would have no impact in utilization and reporting)

Admin can set up custom fields to track and record project and people details tailored to your organization.

Manage Integrations

Only Admin can manage the integrations between Runn and HR Tools and Time Tracking Tools.

Only Admin users have the right to generate API Token. This token is not tied to a particular user, so anyone with access to it can act with administrative rights in your account.

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