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You can define various account-wide settings on this page

Who can Edit

Only Admin users can edit Account Settings. Editors can view the page, but cannot edit.

Manage Account Settings

  1. Hover your cursor on your name in the top right corner, click Settings

  2. Click Account Settings on the horizontal menu bar

  3. Click Edit

Understanding Account Settings

Field Name


Account Name

Your Organization/ Department's Name


  • Your unique Runn Account ID.

  • Cannot be edited.


  • Add your Company Website here (if applicable)


  • Define the default currency in Runn (e.g. dollar, pound, euro, etc.)

  • Runn does not support multi-currency at the moment.

Hours per day worked by FTE

  • Define the total number of hours a full-time-equivalent works per day.

  • E.g. You can enter 7.5 hours it will be displayed as 7:30 (7 hours and 30 mins)

Default Project Billing Method

  • Set up the most commonly used Pricing Model as your default.

  • Whenever a user creates a new project, the default Pricing Model will be selected.

Default Rate Type

  • Hourly or Daily.

  • The Role Rates/ Costs will be defined based on the Default Rate Type.


  • Toggle on if you would like to use Runn's Timesheet function

Timesheet Locking Method

Autolock Timesheets After

  • Enter the number of weeks after which timesheets will be automatically locked for All projects (If Auto lock is chosen)

Autofill Actuals

  • If there are missing timesheet entries, Runn will assume the "missing actuals" hours have been worked

  • When toggled on, all the missing entries will be automatically filled with "0" every Sunday

Allow Future Actuals

  • This is turned off by default. Users can only enter timesheet entries up to the current week but not next week or in the future.

  • When turned on, users can enter timesheet entries to future dates

Allow Profile Photos

  • This is turned on by default. Users can add their photos or avatar to be shown as an icon on the People Planner.

SSO Only

  • When turned on, users can only log in via SSO.

  • They cannot log in via email.

Account Actions

An Admin user can reset or delete the account on this page. Click on Show Actions to surface the buttons.

Reset Account

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Delete Account & All Data

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