Lock timesheets

Choose whether to lock timesheets using auto-lock or manual locking.

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There are two ways of locking timesheets in Runn - auto-lock and manual lock.

If a timesheet has been locked, users will not be able to make any changes to the entries.

Account admins can go to the Account Settings to choose which method to use for their company's account.


An account-wide setting that automatically locks timesheets for all projects after a set number of weeks.

Editors, Viewers, and Timesheet Only users will not be able to edit timesheets once locked. Admins can always edit them.


  • Lock after 2 weeks. Timesheets will be locked after 2 weeks. Users can edit the current and previous week's timesheets.

  • Lock after 1 week. User can edit the current week's timesheets only.

  • Lock after 10 weeks. Timesheets will be locked after 10 weeks.

All timesheets will be locked, including those with missing entries.

Manual Lock & Unlock

Account admins and editors can choose exactly what projects' timesheets to lock and unlock to the specific week.

Note: If you switch from auto to manual locking, all timesheets will become unlocked. You will need to review each project's timesheets manually to lock them again.

How to manually lock timesheets

  1. Go to the project timesheets

  2. Ensure all missing entries are filled in with zero or any other value. Timesheets cannot be manually locked if there are missing entries.

  3. Navigate to the week you want to lock to

  4. Click "Lock to this week". All timesheets from the past up to the selected week will be locked.

How to manually unlock timesheets

  1. Navigate to the week you want to unlock from.

  2. Click "Unlock from this week". All timesheets from that week and future will be unlocked. Users will be able to make changes to the timesheets.

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