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Learn about Runn's account access permissions

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Runn provides 4 levels of account access - admin, editor, viewer and timesheet only - with varying degrees of capabilities.

๐Ÿ‘€ Viewer All

With Viewer All users, access to Runn is restricted to view only.

This permission allows users to view everything (with their financial permissions applied). They canโ€™t edit anything except their own details and timesheets.

โœ… Viewer All users can:

  • View the planners

  • View project and people dashboards

  • View company-wide details and fields:

    • Clients

    • Rate cards

    • Roles

    • Tags

    • Teams

    • Skills

    • Project templates

  • View reports

  • Edit their own timesheets

  • Edit their own details. They can also delete their user account.

โŒ Viewer All users cannot:

  • Edit projects, people or company-wide details and fields

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