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Custom Fields Overview
Custom Fields Overview
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Custom fields allow you to add and filter information specific to your organization.

❗️These fields and input data can be viewed by all admin, editor and viewer users across your entire account.

Please be mindful of this when deciding what fields you want to create in Runn.

Examples may include:




Project type / category

Business unit

Probability of closing

Visa status


Direct reports

Risk rating

Project interests


Setting Up Custom Fields

Creating Custom Fields

Only admins can create custom fields. There are no limits to the number of custom fields you can have in your account.

  1. Go to Manage > Custom Fields

  2. Click New Custom Field

  3. Choose whether the field is a people or project field

  4. Choose the type of input

    • Text fields are free text (maximum 100 characters). You cannot filter the planner by text fields.

    • Single select fields allow you to choose one option. You can filter the planner by single select fields.

    • Multi select fields allow you to choose multiple options. You can filter the planner by multi select fields

    • Checkbox has yes/no responses. You can filter the planner by "Yes" or "No"

  5. Enter a field name

  6. (Optional) Add a description for the field. This will only appear in the Custom Fields Manage page.

  7. Tick the "Include on Planner" box if you want the details to be shown on the planner

  8. Click Create

Note: If you need a custom field that applies to both people and projects, you'll need to create separate fields (e.g. People Location, Project Location).

Once your single and multi select fields have been created, you can also add further options directly from the Custom Fields Manage page.

Adding Details to People & Projects

Admins and editors can populate custom fields on people and projects.

All custom people and project fields will appear in the corresponding New and Edit modals.

To fill in the fields for existing projects and people in Runn:

  1. Navigate to the Edit modal for each person / project

  2. Fill in the field.

    • If it's a text field or checkbox, type into the name field name

    • If it's a single or multi select field, click and choose from the options listed

Note: Any people custom fields will also be added to placeholder forms.

Using Custom Fields


If the field has "Include details on Planner" ticked, you can also view the details from the planner by hovering over the "i" icon next to the person or project.

Custom fields allow admins, editors and viewers to get even more precise when narrowing down the people and projects on the planner.

Single, multi select and checkbox fields are filterable in the planner. You cannot filter by text fields.

Find out more about filtering rules here.


All details will now be viewable in the Details section of the Project and People dashboards.

Fields in the Reports

In the reports, select which fields to include from the Fields button.

You can filter by all types of custom fields. All custom field details can also be included in CSV exports.

Editing Custom Fields

Only admins can edit custom fields.

  1. Go to Manage > Custom Fields

  2. Click the 3-dot menu on the field

  3. Select Edit

  4. Update details

  5. Click Save

Deleting Custom Fields

Only admins can delete custom fields.

Deleting a custom field will remove it from all people and projects and it will no longer appear in reports. The data will no longer be available in Runn.

  1. Go to Manage > Custom Fields

  2. Click the 3-dot menu on the field

  3. Select Delete

  4. Confirm and click Delete Field

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