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Note [31 October 2023]: View is in beta and we’d love to hear your feedback. Email us your thoughts and suggestions at

Views are account-wide sets of filters that apply to both the Planner, Manage pages, and reports, allowing you to segment them into manageable groups.

By creating different Planner views, users can hone in on the people and projects that matter the most to them (while still being able to switch to other views).

Examples of views may be:

  • Department: People in a specific department, projects relevant to that department

  • Location: People tagged with a specific country, projects tagged with that country

  • Resourcing requests: Placeholders with resourcing requests, projects with placeholders that have resourcing requests

Creating a View

Admins can create views from Settings > Views. Enter a name, description (optional) and select your project and people filters. Click Create.

  • Selecting multiple options under a single filter creates an OR parameter.

    • e.g. Skill: React, HTML - Anyone with React or HTML skills will appear in the view.

  • Selecting options under several filters creates an AND parameter.

    • e.g. Skill: React, Role: Developer - Only developers with the "React" skill will appear in the view.

  • You can use custom fields in your views.

Note: A view needs both project and people filters so it can be used on both of the planners.

Once your first view has been set up, you can also create new views directly in the planner.

Using Views

Admins can create and edit views.

Editors and viewers can only see the details of views.

Choosing a View

Once views are set up, all users will be prompted to select a view when they next log in. You can still switch between all views at any time, including the unfiltered "All" projects and people view.

Additional filters can also still be applied on top of the view's filters.

Creating Projects and People

Projects and people will only appear in the Planner when they meet the current view's parameters.

To add projects and people that will appear in the current Planner view, please ensure that all parameters are met. Hover over the view's details at the bottom of the modal.

If you create new projects or people that don't show up in the Planner, this will likely be because the details don't match the view's parameters. Switch to the All view to see all projects and people in your company account.

Manage Pages

On the Project and People Manage pages, Views help to narrow down the list of projects or people that appear in the list.


On the reports, Views will only show you the projects and people in that view. This is useful to get reporting for each view.

Deleting Views

Admins can delete a view from its 3-dot menu. This will not affect your data.

Users with the deleted view as their default will be prompted to select a new default view the next time they log in to Runn.

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