The People Planner lists all the people in your organisation and shows their availability, over time.

The planner has been designed to help you find the right person to schedule for assignments based on how many hours they have available or their utilization rate.

How to read the planner

The planner uses a combination of numbers, colors, and percentages to indicate whether a person is overbooked, underbooked, or at full capacity.

Here's what the different colors mean:

  • Blue - Fully booked

  • Dark blue and red - Overbooked

  • Mid blue - Has less than 2.5 hours available

  • Light blue - Has more than 2.5 hours available

  • Yellow - Has not been scheduled on any assignments

Capacity in Hours

The People Planner shows your people's availability in hours by default. Here's an example with the assumption that a full work-day is 8 hours:

  • Alan is full. He has 8 hours of planned assignments.

  • Anne Marie is 4h over. She has 12 hours of planned assignments.

  • Charlotte has 2h free. She has 6 hours of planned assignments, and 2 hours of availability left.

  • Darion has 4h free. He has 4 hours of planned assignments, and 4 hours of availability left.

  • Dylan has 8h free. He has no planned assignments.

Capacity in Percentage Utilization

If you would rather view your People's availability in percentages, you can toggle on % Utilization.

Weekly Summary

You can also toggle on the Weekly Summary view, which shows your people's availability or utilization rates per week.

Adding a project to a person

To add a project to a person, expand the person, then click Assign Project.

You can choose any project and can change the person's role for that project from their default role.

Searching and filtering

Using the Search people... field, you can filter the people list by

  • person name,

  • client name,

  • project name,

  • the team name, or

  • tag.

You can also use the star icon to see your favorite people.

For more information on how to search and filter projects and people see Searching and filtering projects and people.


Placeholders are grouped by role on the People Planner. Expand on each role to see what assignments have been planned and for what project.

To assign a placeholder assignment to a person:

  1. Expand on the placeholder and filter by that role. A list of all the people with that role will appear and you'll instantly be able to see who has the appropriate availability for the assignment.

  2. Transfer the assignment to someone

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