Cloning assignments

How to clone assignments

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Assignments can be cloned in bulk for resources or placeholders.

How it Works

  1. Click the 3 dots on the assignment you wish to clone. If you have multiple assignments to clone, click on "Select All the Right" or "Enable Multi-Select Mode".

  2. Click on the 3 dots again and select "Clone". If you have selected multiple assignments, select "Clone All Selected". You'll enter clone mode.

  3. Click Clone next to the resources or placeholders to clone to (you can choose to clone to multiple people and multiple of the same type of placeholder).

Clone Mode

A - Clone to

Use the dropdown to switch between people and placeholders.

B - Search and filter

Use the search and filter to narrow down the list of people or placeholders visible in the list. e.g. Role = Designer, Skill = Web Design, Tag = New York

C - Role

When cloning to people, you can change someone's default role for the selected assignments you are cloning.

D - Clone button

Hover over each person's clone button to see what their workload will look like if you clone the work to them. Click to clone.

There will be an "i" icon if you are cloning over existing assignments or have time off. Hover over it for more information.

If the button is grayed out, you cannot clone to this person or placeholder. Hover over it for more information.

E - Assignment details

Details about how many assignments you are cloning and how many hours that is.

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