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Skills & levels

How to manage and use skills and levels

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What are Skills and Levels?

In Runn, you can add skills to your people and placeholders. There is no limit to how many skills there are across your company and no limit to how many skills a single person has.

You can also add a skill level for each skill a person has on a scale from 1 to 4. Levels help you get more granular with your skills management as you can see how knowledgeable or experienced someone is in a particular skill.

Some examples of skills include:

  • Technical skills e.g. Python, SQL, SEO, Figma

  • Management skills

  • Experience with specific types of projects (e.g. Web App / Mobile App / eCommerce)

  • Industry experience e.g. healthcare, FMCG, fintech

  • Written and spoken languages


Creating and Assigning Skills

Assigning Skills to People

  1. Head to Manage > Skills

  2. From the Skills tab, click New Skills

  3. Type out your new skills. You can create more than one at a time.

  4. Click Add

  5. Find the skill and click Add People. Optional: Add a skill level for each person.

Assigning Skills to Placeholders

  1. From the planner, right-click on a placeholder

  2. Select Edit Placeholder

  3. Add an existing skill or type to create a new one

  4. Click Save

Top tip: Add skill levels to your placeholders so you know what level of expertise you require of the person to hire or transfer the work to.

Importing Skills via CSV

To import skills, select the People and Roles import type and refer to the example CSV.

Editing and Viewing Skills

To see all your skills in one place, head to Manage > Skills. You can view the skills from the Skills or People tab.

Skills Tab

Get a list of all the skills in your organization and the people who have been tagged with each skill. To rename a skill, click on the three-dot menu and select Rename.

People Tab

View the skills each person has been tagged with. Look at the skills gaps for various groups of people by using the search bar.

Top tip: To see a person's skills while you're in the planner, hover over the diamond icon next to their name. You'll see all their skills and proficiencies.

Deleting and Removing Skills

Deleting Skills

Do this to delete a skill from your organization

  1. From Manage > Skills, head to the Skills tab

  2. Click on the three-dot menu for a skill

  3. Select Delete

  4. Confirm that you want to delete the skill

Removing Skills from a Person

Do this to remove a skill from a person

  1. Either go to Manage > Skills, then go to the People tab


    Go to the person's dashboard and go to the Skills section

  2. Click on the three-dot menu next to a skill

  3. Select Remove Skill

Filtering Skills for Scheduling

You can filter your people by skills to see everyone with a certain skill or set of skills.

  1. Head to the People Planner

  2. Use the filter to select the skill you want to find someone with. A list of all the people and placeholders with that skill will show

  3. Pick someone to assign to the project with the correct availability. Optional: If you use proficiency, hover over the diamond icon to see a person’s proficiencies in their skills.

You can do and AND or OR skill filter to get more specific with your search. Refer to this help doc for more information.

Grouping by Skills

You can group the People Planner by skills to organize your people. Click the Group By button and select Skills.

Skills for Reports

You can filter all People reports to view the people with a certain skill or set of skills.

  1. Click on Fields

  2. Select Skills

  3. Use the drop-down at the top of the Skills column to select which skills you want to filter by

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