When you create a new role in Runn, you are prompted to enter an hourly default internal role cost for that role:

The hourly default internal cost will be used in two ways: 

  1. As a fall back cost for an employee of that role, if you have not entered a cost in their contract. 
  2. To calculate your placeholder costs. 

1. Fall-back employee costs

When setting up a new employment contract for your full-time or part time employees and contractors in Runn, you are required to enter an hourly cost. 

We use this cost to show you financial forecasts on the Planner and to generate client insights and project insights on your dashboard pages. 

Specifically, the hourly cost is used to project Project People Costs, Gross Project Profits and Margins

It's an important piece of information in order to get accurate forecasts out of Runn and we have provided a cost calculator for you to calculate your employee's hourly cost. 

There might be cases though where you don't have this information readily available and you can instead select to use the role's default cost. 

To do so, head over to a person's contract and select Use role cost when setting up or editing a contract:

Note that anyone not having an hourly cost set-up in their contract will automatically fall back to their role's hourly cost. 

2. Placeholder costs

In Runn, if you don't know who'll be doing the work on a project yet, you can assign placeholders instead of people, then transfer those placeholder assignments to a person once you know, or have hired someone new. 

Any placeholders automatically use the default cost of their role. 

To give you a full picture of what to expect in the future, we include those placeholder costs when we calculate your Project People Costs, Gross Project Profits and Margins for you client insights and project insights.

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