Project History Logs

Get a trail of all changes made to a project

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What are history logs?

A history log, or audit trail, is a set of records that show events in chronological order.

Runn's project history logs let you see all the changes made to a project in the last 30 days. You can see exactly what changed, when they were made, and by whom.

You can see changes to:

  • Assignments

  • Phases

  • Milestones

  • Project rates

  • Project budgets

  • Project details

Viewing your project history logs

  1. Go to the project dashboard for a project

  2. Click on History


Why can't I see the entire history of a project?

The Pro Plan provides a 30-day history log, and the Enterprise Plan includes a 90-day log.

How do I undo an action?

You can't automatically undo an action from the project history log. We may introduce the ability to rollback or undo in the future - please let us know if you are interested in this feature.

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