Before scheduling a new project on the Projects Planner, make sure you have the following set-up:

--> If you need help setting any of these up, head to the respective help sections linked above or contact us - we're happy to help! :) 

1. Creating a Budget for Your Project

Before planning out your project, think about what roles and people are required to complete the project. Also think about the duration of your project (are there any hard deadlines you’ll have to meet?) and how many hours you will need per role. 

Then head over to your project and create a project budget

This step is optional, but scheduling will be a lot easier when you know how many hours you have available to work with.

Turn on the Hours toggle to see how many hours your budget covers for each role.

In the above example we have set-up a new project that's using the Preferred Clients rate card. We estimated that we require 100 h of a Designer, 120 h of a Developer and 156.25 h of a Project Manager. This gives a total $ budget of $38,100.

2. Building out Your Project Schedule

Let's head over to the Planner to create a plan for the project. 

1. Viewing your project's budget 

Find your project on the planner and toggle on Project Stats. This will show you your total project budget, and how many hours you have available to "fill" as you plan out your project.

2. Assigning people to work on your project 

  • On the Project Planner, expand the project you want to create a schedule for
  • Click Assign person
  • Find the person you want to schedule on the list
  • Pro-tip! You can multi-select to add several people at the same time
  • If no one of that role is available, you can also schedule other people on your team or add a placeholder.
  • Add assignments by clicking and dragging on the project timeline. You can also add assignments spanning specific dates in the calendar view.

  • If someone has an existing assignment on your project, you can add additional assignments by clicking on a date in that person's row. 
  • Pro tip: On the half year view, you can quickly create 1-week assignments.
  • Continue to add assignments as needed. As you schedule your project, keep on checking the hours you assigned against what you budgeted so you don't over-allocate. In the example below, the project has been over-allocated by 8h, equalling $1.34k.

What if I don't know yet who'll be working on the project? 

If you don't know who'll be doing the work yet, you can assign placeholders instead of people, then "transfer" the placeholder assignments once you know, or have hired someone new. 

Still have questions? We're happy to help!

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