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Project templates are a fast and easy way to set projects up and schedule people in Runn.

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What are Project Templates?

If you're often setting up the same types of projects, templates allow you to speed up the process without having to worry about missing any important project details every time.

Project templates are a fast and easy way to set projects up and schedule people in Runn.

You can create project templates with all types of project information:

  • Basic details (name, client, rate card)

  • Resources (specific people, roles, placeholders, skills)

  • Project budget (budget, allocation, other expenses)

  • Phases, milestones and assignments

You'll see the same project information each time you use a template, so you can decide to keep the template as high-level or as detailed as you want.


⚡Reuse templates to set up similar projects in seconds

Streamline your project workflow by creating custom templates. Simply select a template when you're setting up your next project, and you'll have everything you need to get started.

🔍 Choose how detailed you want your templates to be

From just setting up phases, to assigning placeholders, to fully scheduling people and assignments - you have the power to make your templates as simple or in-depth as you want.

💰 Get time, cost and revenue insights for each template

Each project template has its own dashboard so you can see at a glance how each one may impact your bottom line.

Examples of how you can use project templates

1. Projects for specific teams

When a specific team has a standard repeatable project type.

In this example, the Customer Experience team has a standard research project. The project teams usually consists of Celine, Alan, and Rihanna.

2. Projects with placeholders

When there is a standard project type but team member will vary.

In this example, all standard Website Build projects use a project with the same roles. The exact project team will be determined once all placeholder roles have been filled.

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