The fields button lets you choose row level fields. These are often to do with a person (such as role, or tag) or a project (such as project type, or budget).


Metrics are the period-level numbers, these are different for each project type and include things like hours, utilisation and revenue.

Start Month

Allows you to choose how far back the report will show data for. In most cases it will show from the current month forward.


Allows you to choose the time period to group by, options are day, week, month and quarter depending on the report type.

Export CSV

All tables can be exported as a CSV. It will export to what is visible. This means only exporting the visible metrics / fields, and it will exclude any rows that have been filtered out.

Printing Reports

You can print reports using the standard print in your browser (Mac: CMD+P Windows: CTRL+P). The due to the large size of these reports, we suggest you set the mode to landscape, and change the zoom settings. You may also need to remove or resize columns before printing.

Saving Reports

All report settings are saved between usage. If you turn off a metric it will be off next time you visit. These settings are saved to your local computer. So if you change computers, or reset your browser history the settings will be lost.

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