What is billable work?

Billable work is any work that you directly charge to a client.

What is non-billable work?

Non-billable work is any work you do not charge for. 

This can be internal projects, such as updating your own website, running marketing activities, writing proposals or pitching for new work. 

It can also be project changes you didn't budget for but committed to completing. 

In Runn, an assignment can be either billable or non-billable.

To create a non-billable assignment, select Non-billable on the Quick editor.

Billable vs non-billable assignments

Non billable assignments have a distinct grey colour so you can easily identify them on the Planner. 

Confirmed projects - billable vs non-billable assignments

Tentative projects - billable vs non-billable assignments

Placeholders - billable vs non-billable assignments

How are non-billable assignments accounted for?

Non-billable assignments are not counted towards your client and project billings.  

Non-billable assignments are counted toward your internal costs and your workload.

Note: All projects you create with your internal client use non-billable assignments by default.

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