Time off allows you to specify periods of leave for a person, so they can't be scheduled for work during their time off.

People's time off is managed on the People Planner and can be added in multiple places:

Adding time off on the People Planner

  1. Click Time off button to toggle on Time off panel
  2. Click Add time off button 
  3. Select the person you want to create time off for
  4. Use calendar controls to add new time off 
  5. Click Add button

In the People planner, when the Time off panel is toggled on and the person already has time off listed, you can click on a day to add time-off or click and drag to add time-off over a number of days.

You can also book time off by going to a person's row on the People planner and adding time-off there.

Hover over the time off bar to see the total number of weekdays for the requested leave period. 

Runn will also show you any existing assignments for the person that clash with their time-off. 

In the example below Annabelle Cole has work scheduled for the Amazon - Secret Moon Base project during the scheduled time off from Jan 14 - Jan 17.

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