How do I create half days off?

Some workaround to create partial days off

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Currently in Runn you can only create time off for a full day.

We have plans to introduce the ability to create partial days off for when someone is only taking a portion of a day off. You can see other features on our roadmap here.

In the meantime, here are some workarounds to create partial days off:

  1. Singular or short-term partial days off

Create an internal project called "Partial time off" or similar. You can then create an assignment under this project for the person.

This allows you to ensure extra time isn't booked for the person.

Note: This won't behave the same way as our normal time offs, as it will show as "non-billable" hours rather than time off.

2. Extended period of partial days off

If someone is taking partial days off for an extended period, such as 1 month, you can create a new contract for that period with reduced hours.
You can create multiple future contracts in Runn, so you can ensure that the correct contract will be applied at the right time.

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