If you would like to generate a report showing the number of Total Hours/ Billable Hours on a monthly basis for each project, you can use the Project Period Report.

Definition of Total Hours in Runn

If people have entered their actual working hours on their timesheet, Total Hours in the past would be the actual + assumed hours on the timesheet.

If there are only scheduled hours (no timesheet is entered), Total Hours in the past would be Scheduled Hours.

❗ Missing Actuals (if timesheets are enabled)

Make sure there are no missing actuals in your timesheets before generating the report. If there are no actual hours entered for a specific day, Runn will assume that the scheduled hours were worked.

πŸ‘© Example

Kenny is scheduled:

  • 4 hours of work for Hidden Moon Base Project and

  • 4 hours for iCar Website in a day (8 hours scheduled in total per day)

On 21 Feb, she logged 4 hours of work for the first Project, and while she didn't work on the second project that day, she forgot to enter 0 and just left the time entry blank.

This is considered a missing actual.

For that day, as the timesheet is not completed, Runn would assume that he has worked the 4 scheduled hours on the iCar Website Project. The Total Hours for 21 Feb is 8 hours, but not 4 hours.


  1. Hover your cursor to Report on the top menu bar and select Period

  2. On the left-hand side, turn on the Detailed toggle to get the figures for each person

  3. On the right, select Month as the Period and select a date range (e.g. 1 Mar to 30 Jun)

  4. Click on the Metrics button to the right

  5. Select Total Hours and un-check other metrics if they are not needed

  6. Click on the arrow next to the project icon to get a person-based view

Then you will be able to see the Total Hours on a monthly basis per person for each project! πŸ‘

Export to CSV

Click the Export CSV button on the right to export the data to a CSV file. You can import the file to any data visualization tools to generate graphs for your reporting πŸŽ‰

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