Assumed Hours

What are assumed hours and how to do they fit into Runn's calcuations?

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❗ Assumed hours exist whenever there is work scheduled (assignments)
but no time entry (actual). Runn will always use assumed hours when
calculating totals.

Runn is unique in that is knows both what was scheduled through assignments, and what actually happened through actuals.

This gives Runn users a few advanced features:

  1. Runn can alert you when someone was scheduled to work, but didn't complete the work.

  2. Runn can keep your numbers accurate when waiting for timesheets to be entered

  3. Runn can manage projects that do not have time recorded against them at all.

❗ If you do not use timesheets/actuals at all. Turn them off in the
account settings to simplify Runn.

To provide this feature, Runn will "assume" the scheduled hours were worked until told otherwise. This means that when work is scheduled but didn't happen, users must enter "0" for any time they were scheduled but did no work.

You can use the Project -> Timesheets feature to view any missing entries and what hours are assumed.

You can also quickly verify and check any missing actuals by viewing the Project Details page and looking at the Completed Timesheets card. Clicking an X will jump you to the week with missing data automatically.

❗ If you notice a difference between your time tracking software and
Runn, this will be the most likely issue. Ensure that all timesheets
are completed and the numbers will match.

Assumed hours are used for all calculations unless the calculation specifically mentioned "Actuals", "Assignments" or "Scheduled". This means Total Hours, Billable hours, Non-billable Hours, Revenue, Costs, and Profit all include assumed hours.

❗ In general your goal should not to be have any assumed hours,
except for in the time between work being scheduled and timesheets
being entered. The only exception is if you are not recording time on a specific project.

Turning off assumed hours

You can functionally turn off assumed hours using the "Autofill Actuals" account setting. Which will automatically fill in any missing dates as 0 hours worked.

You can read more about this setting here:

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