Time tracker extension for Chrome

The Runn Time Tracker gives you the ability to track and record your time against projects scheduled within Runn.

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Runn offers a time tracker Chrome extension which can be installed from the Chrome store. --> Install now!

Getting started is easy!

Installing the Chrome Extension

  1. Head to the Chrome store and install the Runn Time Tracker Chrome extension.

2. In the pop-up confirm that you want to install the extension.

3. You will get a confirmation that the Runn Time Tracker has been added to Chrome.

4. Can't see the Runn icon in your browser bar? Click the Chrome extension icon, and pin Runn Time Tracker.

Logging into Runn

To start using the time tracker you will need to log-in to Runn with at least timesheet permissions. (Read more about Runn's user access permissions)

Don't have an account with Runn? Sign up for a new Runn account or ask your Runn administrator to send you an invite into an existing account.

Tracking your time with Runn's Time Tracker Chrome extension

To log time against a project you are working on:

  1. Open your time tracker Chrome extension.

  2. The time tracker will show you any projects you are scheduled on for today by default.

  3. Either use the start/stop timer to log time, or

4. Navigate to the project you want to log time for

5. Enter the total hours you worked on the project for the day Note: If you haven’t
done any work, enter 0.

6. Enter notes for your timesheet entries (optional)

7. Click the Save button

Chrome time tracker features

  • Start and stop the timer

  • See work scheduled for today

  • See missing entries

  • Edit past time entries

  • Timesheet notes

  • Automatic timesheet syncing with the Runn app

  • Keep time-tracking while the browser window is closed

  • Open the Runn app and view your timesheets from the tracker

  • Alert when your timer is running

FAQs and Troubleshooting

I get a message that you couldn't find a person associated with my email address? What should I do?

This means your email address hasn't been associated with your person in Runn. If you have administrator or editor access, you can do this yourself. Just follow the instructions here: How to set up Runn so people can enter their timesheets

If you don't have editing rights, contact the project manager or a Runn administrator They'll most likely have editor permissions and can set you up correctly.

What if I see a red box around a time entry?

This means you have missing time entries. Make sure to fill in 0 if you haven’t completed any work instead of leaving the field blank.

What if the project I worked on isn’t showing on the list?

If you still can't find the project, click the "+New" button in the bottom left-hand corner and select the project you worked on from the list. If you still can't find the project, contact your project manager or Runn administrator for help.

Why do I have to enter time even when I didn't do any work?

Runn calculates if your project is on track by looking at what work has been completed.

Because timesheets may be delayed or missing, Runn will automatically assume that the scheduled hours occurred until the actual value is entered.

If you are using Runn for time tracking, you should always enter the amount of actual time spent each day, including 0 if no work was done.

I can't update my old timesheets because they are locked. Why's that?

Your account admin may have set up auto-locking timesheets. This means that after a selected number of weeks, you will not be able to view and change your timesheet entries.

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