Go to Rate Cards in Runn’s top level nav to view your internal rate card.

You will have two basic types of projects - external projects and internal projects. 

Your external projects are for your clients and bring in revenue, while your internal projects don't. 

Internal projects can be any project that uses internal labor, but doesn't generate revenue - from sales proposals to your company's office move. 

To track your internal projects and any associated labour costs use your internal rate card. 

All charge out rates on your internal rate card are $0 by default and cannot be edited or deleted. 

Viewing your internal rate card

Select your Internal rate card from the rate card drop-down to get information on which projects are using your internal rate card.

Deleting your internal rate card

Your internal rate card cannot be deleted. If you don't want to use your internal rates on an internal project, set-up a custom rate card and use that instead.

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