When you set up a new project, the standard rate card is selected by default. You can change that by choosing a different rate card from the Rate card drop-down. 

Any projects you create under your internal client will use your internal rate card by default, but again, you can change that by selecting a different rate card. 

Assigning a rate card to a new project

Go to Projects in Runn’s top level nav.

  1. Click Add New Project button
  2. Enter the name of the project in the Project Name field
  3. Select the rate card to be used with the project from the Rate card drop-down
  4. Select the client for the project in the Client drop-down
  5. Select the project status in the Status drop-down
  6. Click Create button

Assigning a custom rate card to an existing project

Go to Projects in Runn’s top level nav. 

  1. Click on the Details button for a project on the Project list
  2. Click ... button
  3. Select Edit Details button
  4. Select a rate card from Rate card dropdown
  5. Click Save button

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