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Does deleting a user mean I lose all the data?
Does deleting a user mean I lose all the data?

Deleting a user and archiving a resource and the re-assigning work.

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A user is a person who logs into Runn and can access data. They may also be listed as a resource and have work assignments for your projects on Runn. Though they are the same person and connected via their email address- they act like 2 separate entities in Runn.

Deleting a user will simply remove their permissions and they will no longer be allowed to log in and access your Runn dashboard or timesheets.

No data will be lost.

Just so you know, users do not have an associated cost in Runn, but if this employee is no longer with your organization - they should be removed. To do this, please:

Then click on User and Remove. This will remove their ability to log into Runn, but they will still be listed as Resource.

If you wish to remove them from Runn as a resource but still keep historical data - please use the option to archive instead.

To do this, go to your People Planner, click on the 3 dots next to their name, and choose the Archive option. This will remove them from your list of resources, you will no longer need to pay for them, but any historical data will remain in Runn.

If you need to re-assign any work - please visit this help article.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are transferring an assignment- but this assignment has already started and will continue- please split the assignment on the day the resource leaves and re-assign ONLY the ongoing and future work.

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