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What weekend assignments are and how to manage them

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What are weekend assignments?

At Runn, while we believe that our employees shouldn't always work on weekends, we understand that there are certain situations where such flexibility is necessary. As a result, Runn supports weekend assignment scheduling!

This feature is not intended to create custom work weeks, and should be used sparingly.

For example, you need to plan additional hours to provide 24/7 support or you have an urgent deadline and must allocate your people to work on the weekend.

Managing weekend assignments

Enabling weekends

All admins and editors can schedule weekend work. You cannot turn off weekends for your company account. If you choose not to use weekends, simply keep them collapsed in the Planner.

Scheduling weekend assignments

Creating a weekend assignment is only supported in the calendar month view in the Planner.

  1. To view weekends, click on the expand arrows in the calendar timeline

  2. Create a normal workday assignment as usual, with some small differences:

    1. You will be asked if you would like to Schedule on a non-working day first.

    2. The assignment be longer than one day. Each weekend assignment has to be created separately, unless you create a repeating assignment.

Viewing and editing weekend assignments

Scheduled weekends will always show in the planner no matter what Planner view you are in.

From the Quarter and Half Year view

Weekend assignments will always show as a thin line. You cannot schedule/edit/delete weekends in this view.

Clicking on this line will take you to the Month view, where they can be viewed and edited.

From the Month view

You can expand and collapse weekends, either by clicking on the line, or by using the weekend arrows in the calendar timeline.


Why can't I move or resize a weekend?

It is a non-working day and we want to ensure that you don't accidentally overwrite any other assignments. We suggest you delete and recreate in this case.

I can't schedule a phase or milestone on a weekend.

We currently only support assignments on weekends - and only encourage this use if absolutely necessary.

Why can't a person's contracted days include weekends?

This feature only allows weekend assignment scheduling, and is not intended for custom work weeks.

What happens to my people's utilization / availability / capacity?

As you cannot set weekend capacity in Runn, weekend assignments create an overutilization on the day. Weekend assignments also contribute to remaining weekly availability.

What if my usual workweek includes weekends?

Unfortunately Runn does not currently support a 7-day work week or custom work weeks. However this is something we hope to add in the future - if this is something you require contact us below and let us know.

Still have questions? We're happy to help!

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