When you add a new project you can categorize their status as either Confirmed or Tentative. This is great as it allows you to see how potential work will impact your existing workload and bottom-line.

How to use Tentative Projects

At the top of the Planner, click on the Show Tentative Projects button. Tentative projects appear on the Projects planner in a light blue color for easy identification. 

Runn will recalculate your team's workload and all your project metrics to help you figure out how the new work will best fit in. 

  • Adding assignments for tentative projects will impact people’s capacity. This is great for seeing whether, or to what extent, a tentative project will fit with your people’s workload for confirmed projects. Go to the People Planner to see this in action.

  • Take a look at the charts in the Projects and People Planner. You can toggle the Show Tentative Projects button on and off to see the impacts of your tentative projects. 

Changing the project status

Change an existing project from tentative to confirmed, or vice versa.

  1. Go to Projects in Runn’s top level nav 

  2. Click the Details button for the project you wish to change

  3. Click the button in the top-right corner

  4. Select Edit Details

  5. Go to Status and select using the drop-down menu

  6. Click the Save button

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