What are tentative projects?

Tentative projects are projects that you have not confirmed. You may be in discussion with your client about the project or you may be waiting for the final sign-off to begin it.

Runn lets you set a project status as either confirmed or tentative. By creating project plans for your tentative projects, you'll be able to see how potential work will impact your confirmed workload and bottom-line.

You can also do what-if scenario planning with tentative projects, so you can see how different combinations of projects in your pipeline will affect your people.

Adding tentative projects

When creating a new project, choose Tentative under the project status.

To change an existing project's status, click on the three-dot menu next the the project on the Project Planner and select Set Tentative or Set Confirmed.

Viewing tentative projects

All tentative projects appear on the planner in a light blue color. 

Use the tentative project toggles to either exclude or include it in the planner's calculations. If a tentative project has been excluded, it will be grayed out in the planner.

  • Use the tentative dropdown. You can also search for a tentative project here.

  • Use the toggles next to each project down the Project Planner

  • Use the toggles next to each project under each person in the People Planner. Toggling the project here will include/exclude the project from the calculations of everyone assigned to the project.

Different combinations of tentative projects let you see the impact of different scenarios. Runn will recalculate your team's workload on the planner to help you figure out how the new work will best fit in. 

Capacity, Availability and Utilization Charts

Take a look at the charts in the Projects and People Planner. See the effects of your tentative project scenarios on the wider business and team.

Bird's-Eye View on the People Planner

Go to the People Planner to see how availability and utilization change with different combinations of tentative projects.

Group Utilization Charts

See how various groups of people are affected by your tentative project scenarios. Head to the People Planner, turn on Group Utilization and choose how to group the people in your business.

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