What tags are and how to use them

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In Runn, you can tag your projects and people. Whatever system you use for naming your tags, they will provide you with clearer segmentation when it comes to filtering and reporting in Runn. You can create either Project or People tags.

Managing tags

Go to Manage > Tags to see lists of your project and people tags

Creating tags

  1. Click on the + button on the right of the list you want to add the tag to

  2. Press Enter on your keyboard or click outside the tag box to save

Deleting tags

  1. Click on the tag you want to delete

  2. Select Delete

Assigning tags

  1. Navigate to the Project or People Dashboard for the project or person you wish to tag

  2. Click on the cog menu

  3. Select Edit Details

  4. Find the Tags and type the name of the tag into the bar

  5. Click Create " " or press the Enter key

  6. Click Save

Removing tags

  1. Navigate to the Project or People Dashboard for the project or person you wish to untag.

  2. Click on the circle cog button in the top-right.

  3. Select Edit Tags.

  4. To delete a tag, click the x button next to the tag name.

  5. Click on the Save button.

  6. The tag icon will no longer appear under the icon on the dashboard.

Note: You cannot edit or rename a tag after it has been created. Simply delete the tag and create a new one.

Tagging for Filtering

Tags can be used in a number of ways for filtering:

  • Filtering the Project and People List

  • Filtering the Project and People Planner

  • Filtering charts by tag

  • Assigning people to a project

Click here for more information about searching and filtering your projects and people.

Examples of People Tags

  • Location - If you have a global team or clients based in various locations, you can tag people and projects to quickly find people in the right location. For example, Auckland (specific city or region), remote (specific work arrangement), or Office 1 (specific office).

  • Seniority - If you want to assign someone with a particular experience level to a project, you can use tags such as "senior", "junior", "associate" or "trainee" to differentiate the knowledge or experience level of people within your business.

  • Qualifications and certifications e.g. PMI, CISSP, bachelor’s degree

Examples of Project Tags

  • Project size - Particularly useful for reporting, you can tag projects based on their size to view how different sized projects are impacting your business financially.

  • Project priority - Use priority tags to make it easier to filter your projects list and focus on your most important projects.

Tagging for Reporting

You can generate reports for people and projects with specific tags or combinations of tags.

This is available for the following reports:

  • Project Explorer

  • Project Totals

  • People Explorer

  1. Click on the Fields button in the top-left.

  2. Ensure that the Tags checkbox is ticked.

  3. A tags column will appear in the report. Select the tags to filter your report with using the drop-down.

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