In Runn, there are six types of charts for you to visually track your performance and projections. They allow you to see how you’re going across all your projects and people, so you can see how your overall business or department is going.

How to use charts

  1. View your charts by clicking on the Charts button.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select which chart you want to view. Choose between capacity & workload, availability, utilization, project billings, people costs, and gross project profits. 
  3. If desired, filter the Capacity & Workload, Availability and Utilization charts by roles and/or teams. For example, if you have interdisciplinary teams, you can even drill down deeper and look at the data for specific roles within the team.
  4. If desired, select the reset period for the Project Billings, People Costs and Gross Project Profits charts. This shows the billings, costs and profits cumulating over your desired period.
  5. Hover over a data point on the charts to get more specific information.
  6. Click the Show Tentative Projects button to see the impact of your tentative projects.

Our charts

1. Capacity & Workload Chart

The Capacity & Workload chart gives you visibility over your people’s capacity and upcoming workload. Hover over a data point in the chart to view how the Confirmed Workload and Maximum Capacity translate from hours into dollars.

2. Availability Chart

The Availability chart gives you an overview of how many hours your people have available on any given day, considering your current workload. Hover over a data point to view the time period’s Maximum Capacity, scheduled Workload Total and remaining Availability.

3. Utilization Chart

The Utilization chart shows your utilization rates so you can see if your people are underutilized, overutilized or tracking just right. Hover over a data point to see how your people's time is split between billable and non-billable work.

4. Project Billings Chart

The Project Billings chart gives you an indication of the financial value your projects will be bringing in per day. If you have toggled Show Tentative Projects on, when you hover over a data point you will see how much financial value the Confirmed projects will bring in compared to the Tentative projects. 

Learn more about Project Billings here.

5. People Costs Chart

The People Costs chart shows the sum of all labor expenses (including placeholders) you are expected to incur across projects. Hover over a data point to see the exact figure.

Learn more about People Costs here.

6. Gross Project Profits Chart

The Gross Project Profits chart shows the profit you will earn from all of your projects after subtracting any people costs from your project billings. Hover over a data point to see the exact figure.

Learn more about Gross Project Profits here.

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