Quick start

  1. We suggest you import all your clients, projects and people first.

  2. Check your people to find any with "Unknown" role. Correct this by either changing their role to an existing role or creating a new role.

  3. Go back to the integrations page, and turn on Actuals sync.

  4. Save and wait for your actuals to sync up.

How Actuals are matched between Harvest and Runn

Runn will automatically try to import all time entries from Harvest. However, due to the differences between the systems, we may not always be able to match a time entry.

Runn follows these rules for matching:

  • All Harvest tasks are combined into a single day entry within Runn.

  • If a person only has a single role assigned to them within the project, the time will be allocated to this role.

  • If a person has no role allocated within the project, Runn will use the person's primary role.

  • If a person has multiple roles in a project, Runn will use the person's primary role.

  • If the project or person does not exist in Runn, the time entry will be discarded.


What happens if I change a time entry in Harvest after it is imported?
Runn will update its record to match Harvest, as long as the entry is not more than 45 days old when it is changed.

Does Runn handle approved and unapproved time entries differently?
No. Runn will import the entry as soon as it is entered. If it is changed before being approved, this change will automatically come across to Runn.

Can I see what tasks were completed on a date?
No. Runn does not currently record the tasks individually. Instead, it merges all tasks together into a role.

What happens if I change the Actual entry within Runn?
Any actuals manually entered in Runn will automatically be overwritten by the Harvest time entry next time the data is synchronized.

Can I force the actual import to happen immediately after entering them in Harvest?
Yes. Go to a project and click the "Sync Actuals" button. This will sync actuals across all projects.

How often should I enter my time entries in Harvest?
As long as they are entered at least once a month, Runn will import correctly. However, we suggest the more often the better. Daily if possible. This will allow Runn to recognize any potential performance issues, such as working under or over-scheduled hours, or if you are tracking to go over budget.

How far back are Actuals synced?
On the initial sync, Runn imports approximately 6 months of data for active projects. However, the exact history will depend on factors such as if people are still active within your account. Once the initial sync is complete, the daily sync imports data for active projects going back 1 month.

How come I see X's next for completed timesheets?
Runn and Harvest treat time different. In Runn you must enter 0 when work was scheduled and not completed. While in Harvest, no entry means 0.

Runn will automatically attempt to add 0 for you, however there are edge cases that it will missing. Primarily when someone was scheduled to do work, but never did any work on a project.

You must manually go in and enter 0 for these days. They will be highlighted in red. The simplest way is to enter 0 in every empty space, but it is only required to enter 0 when there is scheduled hours on the same day.

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