A client is anyone or any business for whom you’ll complete work. 

Go to Clients in Runn’s top level nav to view and manage your clients.

Adding a New Client 

There are two ways to add a new client

1. Clients nav

  1. Click Add New Client button
  2. Enter the name of the client in the Client name field
  3. Enter the website address in the Client website field (optional)
  4. Upload a company image (optional). If there is an image associated with the client website, Runn will automatically use that image.
  5. Click Create button

2. Global Create button

  1. From the Projects or People planner, click Create button in top-right corner
  2. Select Create client button
  3. Enter the client's Name
  4. Enter the client's website (optional)
  5. Click Create button

Editing Client Details

  1. Select the client you want to edit from the Clients list
  2. Click ... button
  3. Select Edit Details
  4. Update Client name
  5. Update Client website
  6. Click Save button

Viewing Client Details

  1. Click Details button for the client you want to view from the Clients list to get information on:
  • A forecast of the key financial project metrics for the next 4 weeks.
  • A list of any active and archived projects for that client. 

Deleting Clients

We don’t recommend you delete a client once you have projects planned out for that client. 

If you still choose to delete, note that deleting a client is permanent and will also remove all associated projects, both active and archived. There’s no undo, so use this action with care. 

If in doubt, please contact our support team, either on chat from inside the app, or by emailing help@runn.io

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