Migrating to a new SSO System with New emails
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At this time, Runn uses emails as unique identifiers. As a consequence, you aren't able to update emails addresses for users- but you will need to do it for resources so that can log in with their new emails and still see their allocations to add in time. This is a 2 step process:

Updating SSO and Users

1. Turn off SSO only login - you can turn it back on once you've set up the new SSO.

2. Set up the new SSO (Instructions on Okta, AZure AD, SAML)

3. Go to the Manage> Users and add your users with NEW email addresses:

  • You will need to assign the permissions again to the new emails.

4. Once they have accepted- the will now have access using the new SSO. So you can now remove their old email log ins.

Updating Email Addressees for Resources

  1. Go to Settings>CSV.

  2. Click on People > Download.

3. Edit the Email columns- add a new column with the new email addresses. (If you have placeholders- disregard).

4. Contact the Customer Success Team for help updating the emails to ensure your users can log in and see their data as before.

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