Importing New People via HR Integration

If you've previously imported people to Runn using the HR integration, and would like to import new people.

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Please set up the HR integration in your account before importing new people.

When you have hired new staff and entered them to your HR system, you can now import their basic person details and sync their time off entries from your HR tool to Runn.

Import New People (One-time Import)

New employees won’t be automatically imported into Runn. Once they are in the HR system, they will be available for you to select to add to Runn.

See the sync rules for importing person details here (link to main article)

❗️We strongly recommend you run this in the test account first.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations

  2. Under the HR Integration panel, click Import People

  3. Select the new employees that you would like to add to Runn

  4. Click Sync Selected

  5. If the import is successful, you will then see the following screen:

  6. Click Close

Review data on the People Planner

Go to the People Planner and check if the person details and time off entries have been synced correctly into Runn.

If you have to add other contract details such as salaries, you can do so when you turn on the integration in your live account.

Import New People in your Live Account

If everything goes well in your test account, go to your live account and repeat the above steps.

❗️Please make sure everything goes well in your test account before taking this step. Once the people have been added to the live account, they can only be deleted manually.

After Importing

Update Contract Details (if needed)

After importing the new people in Runn, you can click Update Contracts to add the contract end date and cost to business in Runn:

Update Tags, Skills and custom fields for your new staff (if needed)

  1. Go to Manage > People

  2. Search for your new employees

  3. Click on the 3-dot icon next to the person's name and choose Edit Details to update the information

Add Public Holidays (if needed)

Add time offs (only for HR Cloud and Gusto users)

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