Scheduled Leave
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Scheduled leave is irregular time off, usually for annual PTO or sick leave. It is managed in the People Planner.

Adding scheduled leave

1. In the Time Off grouping

For multiple people at a time:

  1. From the People Planner, expand the Time Off group

  2. Click New Scheduled Leave

  3. Select all the people you want to create time off for. Selecting multiple people will create the same time off for everyone selected.

  4. Use the calendar controls to add new time off

  5. Click Add

For one person at a time:

  1. Expand the Time Off group

  2. Find the row of the person you want to create time off for

  3. To create a one-day time off, click on the day in the planner. To create a multi-day time off, click-and-drag across the planner.

2. From a person's row

You can also book scheduled leave by going to a person's row on the People planner and adding time-off there. Click on the person's name and click-and-drag time off in the Time Off row.

Specifying types of scheduled leave

You can add a note to the time off to specify the type of leave it is. Click on the 3-dot menu and select Edit. Click on the Note button to add your note.

You'll see the note when you hover over a time off in the planner.

You'll also be able to view all time off and their notes in each person's time off section on their dashboard.

Working with scheduled leave

You can move, edit and delete scheduled leave.

You cannot schedule work over existing scheduled leave.

If you create scheduled leave over an existing assignments, a conflict will be created. To resolve the conflict, you can:

  • Delete or move the assignment

  • Delete or move the scheduled leave

Scheduled Leave

Schedule work on top of the time off


Schedule time off on top of existing work

Creates a conflict

Move time off


Delete time off


Editing and deleting scheduled leave

From the People Planner, find the scheduled leave and hover over the bar. Click on the 3-dot button.

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