Runn Integrations - HR Tools (Beta) Overview

Learn how to automate inputting time off and person details with Runn’s HR integration tools.

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Please note that the HR integrations are currently available for Pro and Enterprise customers only.

To get access to the integrations, join the waitlist here and we'll let you know once it becomes available to you.

You can connect Runn with any of the following HR tools to import Person Details and Time Offs:

  • AlexisHR

  • BambooHR

  • CharlieHR

The integrations let you import approved time offs and basic person details from your HR Tool to Runn.

Importing Time Off (Daily Sync)

Daily one-way sync

The time off import is a daily one-way sync - Whenever there's new approved time off or updates to time off in your HR tool, they'll automatically get synced into Runn once a day (excluding Gusto and HR Cloud).

Future Approved Time Off Only

Only future Approved Time Off will be synced to Runn. Time Off in other statuses in your HR tool (e.g. Time Off Pending/Requested/Declined/Canceled) will NOT be synced to Runn.

Partial Time Offs as Full-day Time Offs

❗️All time off entries, full-day or partial, will be imported as full-day time offs.

Since Runn currently does not support partial time off, we will import all time offs, full-day or partial, as full-day time offs. For example, if a person enters a 2-hour time off in your HR Tool, it will be imported as a full-day time off in Runn.

Managing Synced Time Off in Runn


The Time Off synced to Runn is view-only and is not editable.

If you need to edit the synced time off, please do so in your HR Tool and it will be synced to Runn.

Deleted Time off in your HR Tool

If a time off is deleted in your HR tool, please allow up to 3 days for this to be reflected in Runn.

Sync Now to immediately update Time offs

Standard sync is scheduled to run every 6 hours, it will automatically pull in the new people added to HR and the latest time off updates behind the scenes.

With Sync Now, you can manually sync new changes into Runn without having to wait for the next sync cycle to start.

Importing Person Details (One-off Import)

You can turn on the integration with your HR tool to import basic person details when you need to add new people in Runn.

This is a one-way one-time import. It is only for adding details for new people in Runn, but NOT updating.

If the person in your HR system has never been added to Runn, the following Person Details will be imported to Runn on a one-off basis:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Team

  • Group (Name of Department/Division/Business Unit/Team)

  • Job Title

  • Contract Start Date

  • Employment Type

No access to financial data

Runn will not access any financial data e.g. salaries from your HR system. After the import, you can add the financial information in Runn manually.

Suitable for first-time import of new people

Whenever you need to import the Person Details and set up time off sync for a new person into Runn, you can select the person and run the one-off import manually.

❗️This integration will NOT overwrite any existing person details in Runn.

Once a person has been imported in Runn, their personal details will not be overwritten by the next import. In other words, any updates made to their details in your HR tool do NOT get synced to Runn. To update information on existing people, please do so in Runn.

Example: The details of a staff member, Marilyn Jones, have been imported from SageHR into Runn. Her job title has changed from Junior Developer to Senior Developer in SageHR. However, this will not be synced to Runn. The Runn admin will have to login to Runn and change Marilyn’s Job Title manually.

Turning on/ off the integration

If you ever need to temporarily stop the HR data from importing into your Runn account, you can turn off the integration with the toggle on the top left corner.

You’ll no longer receive new changes or be able to select people to sync until you turn integration back on again.

Once it is turned back on, Runn will start syncing time-off entries automatically.

Enabling your Integration

Please check out the step-by-step instructions for integrating with each HR tool below:

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