CharlieHR Integration - Initial Setup & Syncing Time Off
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Please note that the integration is available for Runn Pro and Runn Enterprise customers only.

This step-by-step guide will help you through the initial setup of the HR integration. We will start with setting up the time off sync for your existing people in Runn.

If you would like to use the HR integration tool to add new people to Runn, please follow the instructions here after the initial setup.

Set up Daily Time Off Sync for your existing people in Runn

Before you Start


Ensure you have:

  • Admin access in Runn

  • Admin access and credentials to your HR tool

If you don't have admin access to your HR tool, we suggest inviting your HR or IT admin as a Runn admin to authorize the integration. Once authorized, you can continue setting up the integration yourself.

Email addresses in Runn

You'll need to add email addresses to all people in Runn before you begin your integration. Runn uses email matching with your HR tool to avoid duplicate people being created.

  1. Go to Manage > People

  2. Click Bulk Edit

  3. Choose Fix your data and click Next

  4. Add email addresses to the people if needed

Switch to Test Account First

We strongly recommend you enable and test out the integration in your test account first. To switch to your sandbox environment,

  1. Go to Settings > Switch to test account

  2. Click Copy Live Account Data (it might take some time for the data to load)

Select your HR tool

  1. Ensure you are in your test account

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations

  3. You will find a section called "Human Resource". Click Get Started.

  4. Select CharlieHR and click Next.

Connecting with the HR Tool

  1. You will see a table in the next screen:

  2. Scroll down until you see Time Off with the associated Behaviour as Daily Sync

  3. Review the sync rules for time off here (link to main article)

  4. For now, you can ignore all the People and Contracts fields (these fields will not be imported when you only select existing people in Runn to import)

  5. Click Next

Authentication Procedures

Follow the authentication steps to link Runn with your HR tool. Authentication steps vary based on your HR tool.

If you get stuck at any step, contact our support for help.

Once connected, Runn will automatically start syncing the data.

Depending on the number of employees and the HR tool, this may take up to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, feel free to navigate away from the integration page. The sync will continue in the background.

Select people to import

  1. Once you see the screen below, click Select People to Sync

  2. Only select the people who are already in Runn. Make sure the email addresses match with their Runn’s email addresses.

    Tip: You can import a subset of people to make sure the data is correct, then come back and import more people later.

  3. Click Sync Selected

    If the import is successful, you will see the following screen:

    Since you are only importing the time off entries of the existing staff in Runn, People, Roles, Contracts and Teams imported should be 0.

    You can click View Imported People to review a list of all the people you've just imported.

Review data on the People Planner

Go to the People Planner and check if the time-offs have been synced correctly into Runn.

If you have previously entered time offs directly in Runn, the synced time off will overlap them on the People Planner. You can delete the original time off in Runn if you like.

If you don’t see the time offs showing up immediately, it may be because the system is still taking some time to load.

If you still don’t see the time off entries after some time, please contact our support team via the in-app chat email us at

Reset the integration (if needed)

If there are errors in the data import, you may need to reset the integration and try again.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations

  2. Turn off the integration with the toggle on the top left corner

  3. Click the 3-dot icon to the right, select Disconnect CharlieHR

Disconnecting the integration will retain the people and time off you have imported from the HR tool.

If you are in the test account, click Copy Live Account Data and try to set up the integration again.

If you are in the live account, you will have to manually delete all the time offs and try again.

Set up the integration in your Live Account

If everything goes well in your test account, go to your live account and repeat the above steps.

❗️Please make sure everything goes well in your test account before taking this step. Once the time offs have been added to your people in the live account, they can only be removed manually.

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