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8 May '23 - Updates to our Utilization and Capacity Metrics
8 May '23 - Updates to our Utilization and Capacity Metrics
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Here are several improvements to the way we calculate and present utilization and capacity in Runn.

We've made these changes to reduce confusion and ensure our calculations align with industry norms.

1. New Capacity Metrics

People Explorer Report

  • Renamed the "Capacity" metric to "Effective Capacity", which is contracted hours less time off.

  • Added a "Contracted Capacity" metric, which is the hours available as listed in a person’s contract.

e.g. Rihanna is contracted to work 40 hours per week. This is her contracted capacity. She takes 4 days (32 hours) off in the week of the 1 - 7th May. Her effective capacity for that period is 8 hours.

Planner Charts

Added contracted capacity to the Planner Charts, so you can now compare contracted and effective capacity.

2. Streamlining Time Off and Utilization Rates

The calculation for utilization is as follows:

= Hours Allocated / Effective Capacity * 100

People Explorer & Utilization Reports

See "--" when:

  • The entire period is off

  • The entire period is off and there is a conflict

This is because there is no effective capacity, so it is impossible to define utilization (divide by zero).

3. Updating Group Utilization Totals in Reports

People Explorer & Utilization Reports

The calculation is now based on the entire group:

Group Utilization Total = Sum of Total Hours / Sum of Effective Capacity

Previously it was based on the average utilization of the group (Sum of each person's utilization rate / The number of people in the group).

e.g. For this group:

Week of 8 May - 14 May

= 100 / 80

= 125% utilization

Week of 15 May - 21 May

= 80 / 112

= 71% utilization

Week of 22 May - 28 May

= 20 / 40

= 50% utilization

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