In Runn, you can add skills or experience to your people and placeholders. There is no limit to how many skills there are across your company and no limit to how many skills a single person has.

You can also add a skill level for each skill a person has on a scale from 1 to 4 to indicate proficiency. Levels help you get more granular with your skills management as you can see how knowledgable or experienced someone is in a particular skill and assign them to more or less complex projects based on this.

Some examples of skills include:

  • Technical skills: Python, SQL, SEO, Figma

  • Management skills: Business Casing, Project Manager, Program Management

  • Communication skills: Presentation, Storyboarding, Written

  • Qualifications and certifications e.g. PMI, CISSP, CPA, ACCA, MBA, BA, etc

  • Industry experience e.g. Healthcare, FMCG, Fintech, Construction, Oil & Gas, etc.

  • Written and spoken languages

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